Written by Yakov Tsukerman
US Trade 6”x9”, paperback, 182 pages, full-color printing, numerous photo illustrations.

Yakov Tsukerman’s book is a fascinating story about the capital of the world, New York, viewed through the prism of many Jewish destinies. Or, if you like, it is the story of famous and notable Jews, as seen through the prism of New York and its history.
The book’s annotation laconically states: “This book tells the stories of Jews — writers and scientists, financiers and builders, politicians and artists – whose memory was somehow or other preserved in the public spaces of New York, in its monuments, memorial plaques and other memorable signs, in its works of art, its street names, its schools, its hospitals, etc.”
The book contains more than two hundred full-color illustrations and can serve as a kind of guide to the “Big Apple” (in the appendix the reader will find the Index of names and Notes with addresses for the objects mentioned in the text).

About the Author

Yakov Tsukerman
Engineer, writer (NYC, New York)