Literary Editing

Our literary editors work closely with authors to provide them with extensive, focused help and valuable feedback.

Literary revisions are carried out in accordance with the Chicago Editing Guidelines, but with full consideration of the author’s wishes.
If necessary (and if desired by the customer), the literary editor performs not only stylistic, but also structural text editing, maximally maintaining the integrity of the author’s intention.
In summation, we pride ourselves in providing an extremely individualized approach to each book.

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Original Illustrations for any Publication

Talented artists will help to make your literary dreams come true.

We have prepared dozens of illustrated editions.

All visual services are available to you, including book graphics (from pencil drawing to full-color illustrations), photo collages, photo illustrations, all kinds of visual ornamentation, etc.

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Distribution of Books by our Authors

Our authors’ books are distributed through partners of the publishing house.

They can be offered to all major booksellers of your choice, including sites such as Amazon, Apple Books, Walmart, Barnes & Noble, Bookshop, and more.

Our partners will be able to distribute your books in both electronic and paper format (Print On Demand (POD) technology).

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Start-to-Finish Publishing

We guarantee:
– undivided attention to each author
– an individualized approach to each book.

We know what books should be.

We do not just produce books, but rather we create books with their own unique faces — books that you will want to pick up and with which you will not want to part.

We know each book is unique, and the preparation of each book should not be a mechanical, one-size-fits all approach, but rather a tailored and individual process.

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