Project Lead and Conceptualized by Natalya Melnikova
US Trade 7”x10”, hardcover, 648 pages, full-color printing, numerous illustrations.

This book is not a reference book for a dendrologist or landscape designer, nor is it a collection of tips and tricks for the amateur gardener. Despite the fact that dendrologists, landscape designers, and amateur gardeners are among its authors, this book is about love.

Each story included in the book is the story of personal connection between person and plant, the purpose of which is not to provide academic knowledge, but to describe our “green brothers” with “words of love,” to discover their unexpected aspects, to share personal experiences – which can sometimes be a hundred times more valuable than the information of any textbook – as well as to relay the feelings and emotions that trees and shrubs can awaken within us.

About the Author

Natalya Melnikova

Writer (Moscow, Russia)