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– We are a small publishing house, working on only a few books at the same time, and therefore each book is allocated its own responsible editor, who is completely immersed in the process and is in touch with the author at all stages of the work process.
– A deep dialogue between the editor-in-chief and the author allows the author to decide how their finished book should look. After all, it is very important to achieve congruence between how the author envisions his work, and how it is finalized in print.
– The result of this dialogue will be the thorough search for visual elements that best match the author’s intention and vision. We help the author choose the book format, paper type and binding. We offer him or her options for the visual style (design) of the book. If an author wants to accompany their text with illustrations, we help to choose an ideal artist, and by working with them through the creative process and steering them in the right direction, ensure that they produce a perfectly fitting body of work.
– As a result, many of our books are completely unique in terms of design. This also notably applies to covers. After all, the cover is the face of the book, to some extent determining its success and influence.
– We take the traditional approach to preparing a book — one in which not a single technological stage is sacrificed or omitted in favor of a lower cost. The book is always read by a literary editor, and undergoes double proofreading to ensure perfection.
– Our literary editors work closely with authors in order to provide them with both focused help and valuable feedback. Literary revisions are carried out in accordance with the Chicago Editing Guidelines, but with full consideration of the author’s wishes. Again, we pride ourselves in an extremely individualized approach to each book.
– If necessary (and if desired by the customer), the literary editor performs not only stylistic, but also structural text editing, maximally maintaining the integrity of the author’s intention.
– As a result, we produce books that correspond maximally to the deepest expectations of the customer: books which are both attractive and often totally visually unique, while at the same time being extremely polished in terms of presentation and the quality of texts.

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