Yakov Tsukerman

(New York)

author of “Streets of New York: Jewish Stories

It brings me great pleasure to be able to thank Igor Rozin and his team for their collaboration in publishing my book. This team, in my opinion, is distinguished by their high professionalism, responsibility, and close attentiveness to both the material and the author. In my case, I think the publishing house encountered some challenges – unusual material, numerous photographs of different sizes and varying qualities – and handled it beautifully. I would like to wish you further creative (and commercial!) success.

Irina Algunova

(New York)

author of the book “Kefir with Green Lid


Book publishing is an art, as well as complete co-authorship in the creation of a published work. It is the creation and design of the clothes in which the author presents themselves to the reader. I am very glad that my manuscript fell into good hands, and am very grateful to the publishing house of Igor Rozin.
When I started writing my first book, I never thought about publishing it. It seemed superfluous, completely unnecessary, because in writing, the main things for me were the thoughts, the associations, the emotions.
When a future book is still just a manuscript or some typewritten pages, text typed up on the computer, it remains yours, intimate, something that can always be tweaked, added to, changed.
But then the manuscript comes out of the printing house. The publisher makes a product out of the text. The publisher is your first picky reader, your first appraiser. And the way the book was published, what font it was typed in, what paper it was printed on, what cover was designed, how it was illustrated – all this helps the work transform, acquire a new quality. Your book becomes a subject of creativity, it turns to you, and most importantly to the readers, with new facets. Therefore, it is so significant who will help the book on its journey out into the world.
Igor Rozin is – a master, in the most exact, highest meaning of this word. A master publisher and master printer.
Thank you to him for his collaboration!

Natalya Melnikova


author of the books “Botanical History,” “DendroAlphabet,” etc.

Botanical Cover

I would like to share my experience working with Igor Rozin’s publishing house. Perhaps my review will help someone make up their mind.

Several years of work with this publishing house has gifted me invaluable practical experience not only in the narrow field of book publishing, but in much broader spheres as well – I began to understand and see many things in a much broader sense, in a more well-rounded way, if you will. And now I find that this experience helps me both in creativity and in everyday life.

I attribute this to the publisher’s professional approach to their work, for Igor Rozin is a person who knows how to listen and to hear, who knows how to discuss, convince, compromise and agree. In the process of working on all my (very different) books, he always found the right direction, leading in the end to the desired result. This is not only professionalism, but also a big exertion of mental and emotional strength and energy, in part reminiscent to the work of a psychic or psychologist. And such work, close to perfectionism (at its most ideal manifestation), should be highly appreciated, always and everywhere.

Together we have produced four wonderful books, of which I am proud in part thanks to the excellent work of my publishers.

Without any doubt, and on the contrary, with great confidence, I recommend the publishing house of Igor Rozin to everyone who is interested in the art of creating books which are authentic and beautiful in all respects.