Written by Irina Algunova
US Trade 5.5”х8.5”, paperback, 244 pages, black and white printing.

This book is about the formation and transformation of character, about the reassessment of values, about choosing your own path. Its plotline is inspired by real events from the author’s life.


Home – is childhood. It is your childhood feelings, your experiences, your memories, those that bring you back to yourself, to your family, to goodness and to hope. They offer strength and support, keep you from losing yourself in this large and complex world.

Childhood may be gone, but its home must remain somewhere, reflects the main character of this story.

But what if this home – is you? What if home is your self-perception, that which you carry with you, in your backpack like a turtle?..

So why go back to what you left? For Irka, the road always lay only further ahead. “When you leave, leave,” she always liked to repeat.

About the Author

Irina Algunova
Psychologist, writer (NYC, New York)